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Parent Involvement

We strongly feel that parent/guardian involvement is key to student success. Teachers at iFlagler are in frequent communication with parents, and contact them once a month at a minimum, to provide updates and feedback on student progress. If a student falls behind in a class, parents will receive weekly communication from the respective teacher. The weekly communication will continue until the student is back on pace for the course. 

Parent/Guardian Accounts

It is important that parents/guardians create their own FLVS accounts to monitor student progress. This account allows them access to work submitted by the students as well as their grades. Parents can also use this account to communicate with teachers.

FLVS Parent Account Instructions

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents. Jane D. Hull

Learning Coach Responsibilities

As a requirement of the program, all of our students should have a learning coach at home to assist them while they are moving through their coursework. The learning coach is an important contributor to student success, and can be a parent, family member, or another adult. The responsibilities of the learning coach include:

  • Monitoring daily pace using the course schedule
  • Guiding students through lessons as needed
  • Assisting with understanding the concepts being taught
  • Overseeing the submission of assignments
  • Ensuring fidelity in completion of assignments and assessments
  • Communicating with the teacher as needed