iFlagler is an award-winning franchise of Florida Virtual School (FLVS) that offers middle and high school courses. As a franchise, iFlagler uses the same rigorous curriculum as FLVS, but classes are taught by local teachers. This gives students the option of face-to-face interaction with teachers and staff. iFlagler has seen students reach extraordinary goals through hard work, self-discipline, and teacher and family support. 
  • iFlagler offers a unique online program that provides students the flexibility to learn on terms suited to their needs.
  • Classes will use the Internet, webinars, email, phone calls, discussion boards, video-streaming, online collaboration, and texting.
  • Attend face-to-face sessions where you will be able to interact with iFlagler staff.
  • Access classes at whatever time your brain is in its optimal learning state. Classes are web-based and available 24 hours a day/seven days a week.
  • Thrive with individual attention from local, highly qualified teachers.
  • 6th-11th Grade 
  • All seniors interested in full-time virtual courses must contact their FPC or MHS school counselor. 

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