iFlagler Virtual School provides a personalized learning experience through the MyDistrict Virtual online platform through NEFEC. Engaging lessons and teacher support help improve learning outcomes for your child.  

A learning coach should be present each school day to assist the student. 

Student Responsibilities

*Check the weekly plan for assignment due dates ahead of time.
*Ask your learning coach or teacher for help when you need it.
*Ask your teacher for additional quiz attempts when needed.
*Take your time and go through each lesson with your best effort.

Learning Coach Responsibilities

*Monitor your student's progress weekly.
*Create and maintain a workspace that is neat, organized, and free of distractions.
*Provide encouragement for your student to give their best effort when completing lessons. 
*Be available for assistance including any computer problems.
*Always reach out to your teacher with any questions or concerns.
*Create an environment that allows your student to focus. 
*Remind students to take their time if they are moving through work too quickly. 

School Supplies
iFlagler is a virtual school. The only required school supplies are the Internet and an electronic device. Any additional supplies needed will be provided to you by MyDistrict Virtual.

Students will need access to a device in order to complete school work: a computer, laptop, iPad, or tablet. Flagler Schools, through the Digital Learning Movement, provides a device to all iFlagler students. In order to receive a device, please visit Flagler Schools' technology website and complete the Digital Learning Movement form. 

Suggested Supplies:
  • Pens/pencils
  • Paper/Notebooks: To take and keep organized notes 
  • Paper/Electronic Calendar: Assignments are outlined for the week. A calendar can help organize what days to complete specific assignments.
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