iFlagler Virtual School provides a personalized learning experience through the My District virtual online platform through NEFEC. Engaging lessons and teacher support help improve learning outcomes for your child.  

A learning coach should be present each school day to assist the student. 

Student Responsibilities

*Check the weekly plan for assignment due dates ahead of time.
*Ask your learning coach or teacher for help when you need it.
*Ask your teacher for additional quiz attempts when needed.
*Take your time and go through each lesson with your best effort.

Learning Coach Responsibilities

*Monitor your student's progress weekly.
*Create and maintain a workspace that is neat, organized, and free of distractions.
*Provide encouragement for your student to give their best effort when completing lessons. 
*Be available for assistance including any computer problems.
*Always reach out to your teacher with any questions or concerns.
*Create an environment that allows your student to focus. 
*Remind students to take their time if they are moving through work too quickly. 

School Supplies
iFlagler is a virtual school. The only required school supplies are the Internet and an electronic device. Any additional supplies needed will be provided to you by NEFEC.

Students will need access to a device in order to complete school work: a computer, laptop, iPad, or tablet. Flagler Schools, through the Digital Learning Movement, provides a device to all iFlagler students. In order to receive a device, please visit Flagler Schools' technology website and complete the Digital Learning Movement form. 

Suggested Supplies:
  • Pens/pencils
  • Paper/Notebooks: To take and keep organized notes 
  • Paper/Electronic Calendar: Assignments are outlined for the week. A calendar can help organize what days to complete specific assignments.
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