iFlagler Virtual School Frequently Asked Questions

(updated July 9, 2020)

(New 7/9) Can a senior enroll in iFlagler? 

Yes. Seniors can take a full schedule of classes with iFlagler from home.  Seniors, stay enrolled at their high school and will discuss which courses they would like to take with their school counselors. The high school counselors will then communicate with the iFlagler staff to enroll them in classes.  Seniors remain registered at their home-zoned school so that they are part of that graduation ceremony and so they receive senior-specific information that the school disseminates.  

(New 7/9) Can a dual enrolled student participate in iFlagler courses? 

Yes. Students who are dual enrolled at a college stay registered at their high school.  Students meet with their high school counselors to discuss supplementing their college schedule with iFlagler courses. 

(New 7/9) Do students have access to a counselor? 

Yes. iFlagler has a full-time counselor.  

(New 7/9) How will students be able to communicate with teachers? 

Students will communicate with teachers using multiple formats: phone calls, text messages, emails, Zoom, Google Voice and Remind. Face-to-face meetings and tutoring sessions are also possible. 

(New 7/9) Will there be live lessons for elementary students? 

Yes. Teachers in grades K-5 will conduct regularly scheduled live lessons using Zoom.

(New 7/9) How does attendance work?

Students must follow a pace chart that they will receive with each class.  By remaining on pace, they will be submitting work to their teacher on a regular basis.  If they do not submit work for 7 days, then are they considered truant.  

 (New 7/9) Will there be an opportunity for student interaction? 

Yes. Students will participate in Zoom sessions with teachers and small groups from home.  

(New 7/9) How will important school news and updates be communicated to families? 

Full time iFlagler students participate in a monthly homeroom meeting using Zoom. This enables peer interaction and communication. The homeroom teacher will have a chance to ensure all students’ needs are met and any issues or challenges are addressed. It will also provide a chance to communicate any important news, deadlines, or events for the month to families. 


(New 7/9) Do students who are attending a school as a choice option lose their spots if they enroll in iFlagler and then want to return to the choice school at the end of the semester or year?

Students on choice at schools listed at capacity whose parent or guardian chooses to enroll them in iFlagler Virtual Instruction during the COVID-19 event will be allowed to return to their choice status at the school they were attending prior to transfer to iFlagler during the 2020-21 school year.  

Students who withdraw to a setting outside of Flagler Schools, including homeschool, will need to reapply for choice and be subject to available capacity. 

(At its July 21 meeting the School Board will formally consider this Hold Harmless Protocol During COVIS-19.)  

(New 7/9) Is iFlagler similar to the online learning that the district put into place last March?

At the end of the 2019-20 school year, the district determined that we would hold students harmless so that no student’s grade would be hurt by the sudden shift to virtual learning.  If the district has to ever flip to complete virtual learning in the future, we know that classes need to be rigorous and that expectations for students need to be clear and consistent. In iFlagler, students are expected to complete a certain amount of work each week and they are expected to pass module tests as they move through each course. They must complete all assignments and assessments. At the end of each semester in grades 6-12, students must also pass a semester exam in order to pass the entire course. To be successful in iFlagler, students must work every day on their courses. 

General Information

What is iFlagler?

iFlagler provides a personalized learning experience through an online platform.  iFlagler is available to students in grades K-12 . iFlagler is a franchise of Florida Virtual School (FLVS), but classes are taught by local teachers. 

Is iFlagler a home school program?

iFlagler is a K-12 virtual school that is part of the Flagler Schools district.  Full-time iFlagler students are Flagler Schools students.  Home school students are not Flagler Schools students. Students registering for iFlagler, therefore, do not need to contact the district Home School office.  They should contact iFlagler directly at 386-447-1520 or by emailing [email protected].  Additional information can also be found on the website iFlagler.org.

What is the difference between iFlagler and FLVS?

iFlagler is a franchise of FLVS.  As such, we use the same curriculum and online platform that FLVS uses.  iFlagler courses are taught by local Flagler County teachers. 

iFlagler combines online learning with face-to-face instruction. If students need face-to-face assistance, teachers are available to provide support on campus.

Why should students enroll in iFlagler instead of Florida Virtual School?

The courses and the requirements are the same. The difference is that iFlagler teachers are local and will be able to meet as needed with students for face-to-face interaction. Meeting face-to-face for academic counseling is also available. When students take the courses through iFlagler, state funding (FTE) remains in the district

Is iFlagler Virtual School accredited?

Yes.  Along with all Flagler district schools, iFlagler is fully accredited by AdvancED.  iFlagler is an A rated school. FLVS has recognized iFlagler twice over the last 5 years with the Franchise of the Year award. 

Is there a cost to enroll?

As a public school, enrollment in iFlagler Virtual Programs is free. 

Can I attend iFlagler Virtual on a full-time or part-time basis?

It is our goal to provide students with whatever level of service they require. We can offer a full curriculum for grades K-12, or just one or two courses in grades 6-12 to satisfy graduation requirements. 

Do iFlagler students receive laptops?

Yes.  iFlagler students receive the same technology benefits and tools as traditional Flagler Schools students. Students who attend FLVS on their own or who are home-schooled do not receive district laptops.

If my child attends iFlagler, do they follow the same calendar as other Flagler schools?  

Yes. As a Flagler district school, iFlagler follows the same school year calendar. 

How do I know if online learning is right for me?

A successful online learner is a motivated self-starter and is committed to the success of his/her education. While iFlagler offers superior educational opportunities, there is a high degree of accountability placed upon the student. 

Is there a drop/add period to ensure that iFlagler is the appropriate choice for a student?

The first 14 days after students are activated in courses is the Grace Period. If a student decides that iFlagler is not the right choice, he/she may drop the course(s) with no academic penalty. If a student does not maintain the required pace or does not complete the required work and communications during this grace period, an administrator will work with the home-zoned school and the parent to find an appropriate placement where the student may be more successful.

May iFlagler full-time students participate in activities at the home-zoned school?

Yes, they are eligible to participate in interscholastic and non-class related activities at their home-zoned school.

Does iFlagler grant diplomas?

Diplomas are issued through the student’s home-zoned traditional high school.

How do students participate in state-required assessments?

All Flagler Schools students must participate in state assessment by law. Students are also able to participate in optional assessments such as the PSAT or SAT.  iFlagler students will be assigned to their home-zoned school or the iFlagler offices to take these  assessments. 

Are full-time students able to return to a traditional school any time during the year?

Students will be asked to make a commitment to staying with iFlagler for a complete semester.  If a student wishes to transfer to a traditional school at the end of a semester, that is possible. 


Are students able to take one or two classes at a traditional school?

Yes, as long as parents provide transportation and make a commitment to dropping off and picking up students at a designated time. For safety reasons, students cannot stay at school unattended once the class has ended or arrive on campus before the class starts. If more than one class is taken on campus, then the classes must be taken in consecutive periods as reflected on the master schedule. 

Are the IB or AICE programs available through iFlagler?

No. These are international programs and must adhere to the requirements set forth by the program organizations.  

Does iFlagler offer just core classes or are there also electives such as band and chorus?

Students are able to take all Honors and Regular core classes as well as a variety of electives.  Band and chorus classes, however, are not offered. Please visit iFlagler.org to see the course selection sheets. The nature of virtual instruction makes it not possible to offer courses that are primarily hands-on, such as Firefighting and Culinary.

How long is a semester?

A semester is August-December.

Registration Information

How do I enroll full-time in iFlagler? 

Enrollment in the full-time program takes place before the first and second semesters of the school year. Parents must complete the online eligibility questionnaire during the application window. Once an application is received, we will make contact with the parent via email within a few days.  Detailed directions can be found on our website (iFlagler.org) under Registration. Full-time registration for the 2020-21 school year is open until July 17, 2020.

How do I enroll part-time in iFlagler Virtual Programs? 

Students in grades 6-12 who attend a traditional school and want to take additional courses online may do so. Course requests must be approved by the student's counselor and parent/guardian. Registration for the iFlagler course will be scheduled through the school counselor.

Do I need to get approval from my counselor to enroll in iFlagler virtual courses?

Students only require approval from their counselor if they are taking courses part-time with iFlagler.  Students will need to meet with their school counselor to register for a course. Students can enroll in part-time courses during the school calendar year. 

Are there a maximum number of spots at iFlagler Virtual?  What is the latest date that students can be enrolled for the school year?

There is not currently a cap on student enrollments and spots are available for incoming students.  Our full-time enrollment does have enrollment periods two times during the school year, before each semester.  However, part-time program enrollments are available during the regular school year. 

Will there be rolling admission?

Students must complete all classes by the last day of the traditional school calendar. All courses are semester-based and must be completed within the regular school district semesters. Full-time registration for the 2020-21 school year is open until July 17, 2020.

Curriculum and Instruction

Who teaches the online courses at iFlagler?

All online courses and programs are taught by local, highly qualified instructors that meet Florida Department of Education certification requirements. 

What if the student has questions or problems while taking a course?

Students are assigned an instructor for each course. Instructors are available daily M-F via phone or email. Teachers also have online office hours throughout the week. Support services are available to all iFlagler students through our guidance department.

How often will my child be able to talk with teachers?  

iFlagler teachers love to talk to students.  When a student reaches out to a teacher, he/she can expect a quick response. Teachers are expected to respond to emails, text messages, and phone calls within 24 hours. Teachers are available for live lessons and tutoring via Zoom and face-to-face sessions. 

What is the difference between iFlagler and traditional brick-and-mortar schools?

There is no difference in the course standards between iFlagler and traditional schools. All classes follow the same state standards. 

Is iFlagler less challenging than other traditional accredited schools?

No. iFlagler offers a flexible alternative for students. It is not an easier option than traditional accredited schools. All courses are developed at or above grade level and require an average of one to two hours of focused study on a daily basis to complete within the traditional semester time frame. iFlagler courses engage students in real-life projects, requiring the use of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to apply the knowledge they have acquired.

Where will classes be taken?

iFlagler full-time students will take courses at home. Part-time students will be placed in an appropriate iFlagler school lab or may be permitted to take the course from home. 



How is attendance recorded at iFlagler Virtual Programs?

iFlagler offers an online learning experience that does not require traditional time in a classroom. Students are expected to actively participate in all courses on a weekly basis and submit the required weekly assignments. Continuous workflow and communication with the instructor is important to student success and maintaining educational integrity. Students are considered truant if there is no participation in the online courses for more than one week without prior approval. The iFlagler Attendance Policy outlines procedures for truant students and the process for helping them get back on track. 

Are Honors/Advanced classes available?

All core classes (English, Science, Math, Social Studies, World Languages) and some electives may be taken for regular or honors/advanced credit. Students can change enrollment from regular to honors or honors to regular after being enrolled in the course. Changes must be made before the student reaches 50% complete in the course.

How does grading work?

iFlagler uses the same grading scale as all district schools. Each course is semester based; therefore, only semester grades are issued. Courses contain a segment exam for each segment, which is 20% of the overall grade of the semester course.

Parent Involvement

As a parent, will I be kept informed of my students' progress?

Yes. As a parent, you will likely receive more updates and information about your student's progress than ever before. We strongly feel that a parent's involvement in a child's education is the key to success. Our teachers are in frequent communication with parents.  You can always see how your child is performing by logging into your Guardian Account. 

How do parents monitor the progress of students?

Parents must register for a Guardian Account. This account allows them to view the work students have submitted and their grades. Email between the teacher and the parent comes directly into this account, which allows for easy interaction.

How do I know how my child is progressing in virtual learning?

Teachers and administration monitor student progress weekly. Teachers contact parents minimally once a month to provide updates and feedback on student progress. If your child falls behind, you will receive weekly communication from the respective teacher. Weekly communication will continue until the student is back on pace for the course. 

Interventions and Progress Monitoring

Will IEP and 504 plans be followed? How will my child receive those services? 

Virtual instruction lends itself to many accommodations. Accommodations such as extended time, multiple chances to master material, re-submitting assignments, chunking of large assignments, and small group or individual instruction are naturally built into the program. An iFlagler administrator, counselor, ESE team, and family will meet to determine appropriate placement based on students' needs. Students will receive speech therapy or occupational therapy at their home-zoned school. 

Can Level 1 readers be successful with online learning?

All of the courses require students to read material online.  Through teacher observation and discussions students will receive assistance with understanding the material, but it is heavily dependent on reading. Interventions will be implemented through progress monitoring to assist students in need. 

What progress monitoring tools does iFlagler use? 

iFlagler uses iReady for both Reading and Math in grades K-8. 

How do teachers ensure that a student is doing his/her own work?

iFlagler takes the subject of academic integrity seriously. Teachers use a variety of monitoring tools, such as Turn It In. In addition, teachers regularly conduct discussion-based assessments with their students. The teacher discusses individual student work and extends the conversation to allow the student to demonstrate mastery of the content and to verify the authenticity of the student’s work.