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Curriculum & Instruction

Advanced Courses

All core classes (English, Science, Math, Social Studies, World Languages) and some electives may be taken for regular or honors/advanced credit. Students may change enrollment from regular to honors or honors to regular after being enrolled in the course. Changes must be made before the student reaches 50% completion of the course.

AICE and IB Programs

AICE and IB advanced high school programs are not available through iFlagler. These are international programs and must adhere to the requirements set forth by the program organizations.

Dual Enrollment

Students who are dual enrolled at a college or university should be registered at their high school. Students should meet with their school-based guidance counselors to discuss supplementing their schedule with iFlagler courses.

Course Standards

There is no difference in the course standards between iFlagler and traditional schools. All classes follow the same state standards. It is not an easier option than traditional accredited schools. All courses are developed at or above grade level and require an average of one to two hours of focused study on a daily basis to complete within the traditional semester time frame. iFlagler courses engage students in real-life projects, requiring the use of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to apply the knowledge they have acquired.


To be successful at iFlagler, students must work every day on their courses. iFlagler Students are expected to complete all assignments and assessments, and pass module tests as they move through each course. At the end of each semester in grades 6–12, students must also pass a semester exam in order to pass the entire course.

Each course is semester based; therefore, only semester grades are issued. In order to maintain the integrity of all iFlagler grades, instructors may choose to facilitate random oral assessments and/or face-to-face module assessments.

Segment Exams

Courses contain a segment exam for each segment, which is 20% of the overall semester grade. All segment exams are required to be proctored.

Final Exams

The purpose of the final exam is to assist in validating that students have demonstrated mastery of key course concepts and standards.

Report Cards

iFlagler uses the same grading scale as all district schools. Student report cards can be accessed in Skyward


All online courses and programs are taught by local, highly qualified instructors that meet Florida Department of Education certification requirements. Students are assigned an instructor for each course. Instructors participate in live lessons and homeroom sessions that help to enhance the virtual learning experience. Our teachers work collaboratively behind the scenes to use innovative teaching strategies that support authentic, rigorous student outcomes.

All communication from teachers will be through the FLVS platform, Students should check their VSA and Educator every school day.

If the student has questions or problems while taking a course, instructors are available Monday through Friday via phone or email. When a student reaches out to a teacher, they can expect a quick response. Teachers are expected to respond to emails, text messages, and phone calls within 24 hours. Teachers also have online office hours throughout the week, and are available for live lessons, virtual tutoring, and face-to-face sessions.

Interventions and Progress Monitoring

IEP and 504 Plans

Virtual instruction lends itself to many accommodations. Accommodations such as extended time, multiple chances to master material, re-submitting assignments, chunking of large assignments, and small group or individual instruction are naturally built into the program. An iFlagler administrator, counselor, ESE team, and family will meet families to determine appropriate placement based on the needs of the student. Students will receive speech therapy or occupational therapy at their home-zoned school. 

Level One Readers

All of the courses require students to read material online.  Through teacher observation and discussions students will receive assistance with understanding the material, but it is heavily dependent on reading.

Progress Monitoring

iFlagler uses iReady for both Reading and Math in grades K–8. Interventions will be implemented through progress monitoring to assist students in need. 

iFlagler takes the subject of academic integrity seriously. Teachers use a variety of monitoring tools, such as Turn It In. In addition, teachers regularly conduct discussion-based assessments with their students. The teacher discusses individual student work and extends the conversation to allow the student to demonstrate mastery of the content and to verify the authenticity of the student’s work.

Navigating FLVS Courses

Students will be able to access FLVS courses using their Flagler Schools Google account. All courses can be seen in the dropdown menu on the login screen. Each course has its own unique navigation, so students should review the introduction before starting the course.

FLVS Quick Start Videos

FLVS Lesson Basics Video

Submitting Assignments

There are several options for submitting assignments:

  • Print assignments and take a picture to upload
  • Type responses directly into the answer field
  • Download the page and submit it when it is complete