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Policies & Procedures


  • iFlagler Virtual School is available to all Flagler Schools students in grades K–12 (up to 19 years old). 
  • Students must have daily access to the Internet
  • Students who have been expelled from Flagler Schools are not eligible

Drop/Add Period

The first 14 days after students are activated in iFlagler courses is the grace period. If a student decides that iFlagler is not the right choice, they may drop the course(s) with no academic penalty. If a student does not maintain the required pace or does not complete the required work and communications during this grace period, an administrator will work with the home-zoned school and the parent to find an appropriate placement where the student may be more successful.

Registration Information

To register a student with iFlagler, please follow the instructions on the Registration page. The registration process must be completed in its entirety. Once all required documentation has been provided and previous school records have been obtained, an iFlagler staff member will contact to you to approve and finalize enrollment. 

Full-Time Enrollment

Full-time enrollment takes place during two enrollment periods before the first and second semesters of the school year. Parents must complete an online eligibility questionnaire during the application window. Once an application is received, iFlagler will make contact with the parent via email within a few days.  

Part-Time Enrollment

Students in grades 6–12 who want to take a combination of classes at a traditional school, as well as iFlagler classes may do so. Students can enroll in part-time iFlagler courses during the school calendar year, and do not have to wait for the enrollment periods. To enroll in an iFlagler course, students must maintain continuous enrollment and attendance at their local school. Registration for part-time iFlagler courses must be scheduled with the school-based guidance counselor, and course requests must be approved by the student's parent/guardian.

Dual Enrollment

Students who are currently participating in the dual enrollment program and are interested in classes at iFlagler should contact their current school's guidance counselor. Students must meet eligibility requirements prior to the end of the current school year in order to participate in dual enrollment options for next year.

High School Seniors

Seniors are eligible to take a full schedule of classes with iFlagler. These students must register at Flagler-Palm Coast High School or Matanzas High School and set up their full-time iFlagler schedule with their school-based guidance counselor. Seniors will remain registered at their home-zoned school so that they they are able to receive senior-specific information from their school, and are a part of the graduation ceremony.


Complete the In-County Transfer packet found on the Registration page, and email the packet to iFlagler Registrar, Nancy Gillotti, at


Only through continuous communication can students be successful in an online course. Within each course, the instructor outlines the weekly minimum work requirements. It is essential that the student and instructor maintain regular contact.

To ensure that our students are aware of this commitment, the four-part process below will be followed:

  1. If the student does not submit the expected number of assignment(s) within a period of seven (7) consecutive days, the student and parent(s) will receive a phone call from the instructor. During the call, the students, parents, and teacher will work to resolve any issues that prevent the student from submitting an acceptable number of assignments each week.
  2. If the student does not respond to the phone call by submitting assignments within seven (7) days or does not continue to submit an acceptable number of assignments each week, the instructor will send an email to the student/parent(s) to remind them of the importance of submitting work.
  3. If the student does not respond by submitting assignments within 14 days of the initial phone call, guidance will assume that the student does not intend to remain in the course, and the student will be administratively dropped from the course.
  4. Upon completion of the withdrawal process all materials and laptops must be returned to the iFlagler office.